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PR Daily Selects Aritchbrand as First Place Winner in Digital PR & Social Media Awards

(PR Daily) PR Daily's Digital PR & Social Media Awards

A campaign by Adam Ritchie Brand Direction is a first place winner in the PR Daily Digital PR & Social Media Awards. The campaign “thought creatively and delved deep into the needs of its audience with modern storytelling techniques and multichannel expertise,” and was called an “attention-grabbing (and delicious) innovation.” (PR Daily)


NPR Broadcasts Aritchbrand Product Launch Strategy


Adam Ritchie was interviewed on the air by NPR during All Things Considered. The story discusses his work taking product launches in “a novel direction.”

Adam Ritchie to Speak at Berklee Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship

Berklee Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship

Adam Ritchie has been invited to present a guest lecture at the Berklee Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship. Adam will discuss unconventional outlets for music in a rapidly changing landscape, while collaborating with practitioners in other disciplines.

HOW Honors Aritchbrand as Category Winner in Promotion & Marketing Awards

(HOW) Promotion & Marketing Design Awards

A marketing communications campaign by Adam Ritchie Brand Direction won first place in its category and was called an “outstanding achievement” in the HOW Promotion & Marketing Design Awards. The award “recognizes the best promotional design.” (HOW)

Hermes Creative Innovation Award Presented to Aritchbrand

Hermes Creative Awards_Platinum Winner

The Hermes Creative Awards recognized Adam Ritchie Brand Direction with a Platinum Award in its Innovation category. Hermes is an international competition for creative professionals involved in the concept, writing and design of traditional and emerging media. “Platinum winners are recognized for their excellence in terms of quality, creativity and resourcefulness, serving as a benchmark for the industry.”

PRSA Recognizes Aritchbrand in Bronze Anvil Awards

PRSA_Bronze Anvil Awards_Award of Commendation

The Public Relations Society of America presented Adam Ritchie Brand Direction with a Bronze Anvil Award of Commendation for a consumer products campaign. The Bronze Anvils represent “the best of the best in public relations programs demonstrating creative tactics,” and celebrate “the most memorable media campaigns of the year.” (PRSA)

The Dieline Packages Aritchbrand Campaign

The Dieline_masthead

Adam was interviewed on The Dieline about “introducing something tactile in a completely unexpected way, marrying the product experience with the digital experience and blurring the lines between pixels and print.”